Magnetic Baby Pink Dancing Elephants Footie

Magnetic Baby Pink Dancing Elephants Footie

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Our hello bundle introduces newborn essentials to moms and dads at a great price. Carefully curated, our bundles are designed to make your hospital stay with baby easy. Plus, the nurses appreciate them! Modal fabric is certified as a 100% Bio-based fabric by the US Department of Agriculture, responsibly farmed from Beechnut trees. 

  • Footies - Complete outfits used for baby’s daily (and nightly) life—they’re a wardrobe staple.
  • Kimono sets - Designed to protect sensitive bellies and keep babies warm on top while diaper changes happen down below.
  • Swaddle Blankets – Our blankies are soft and stretchy, perfect for swaddling and cuddling.
  • Cozy Caps – Top your little one off with a cozy cap for extra warmth.

Target age & stage of baby: newborn and up

When & where: bring your bundle to the hospital to make your stay together smart, soft & stylish